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Amateur Radio Technician License Classes

The final HCARA Technician class was last night, Friday, 5/12, and the final results are excelent!

15 started the class, only 3 dropped after 2nd class. 

11 completed the class and all passed the Tech exam. They are now waiting for the FCC to issue the license.

We did have one student fall and injure himself so hopefully he will be able to complete the test at a later date.

We also had one member test up to General!!

VEs giving the class:

1. Bob, W1LBV

2. Tim, WB0YSX

3. Ralph, AF4FC

4. John, WB4NOD

5. Ron, N9EE

The ARRL provided excellent documentation with the Tech license manuals for each student and instructors manual for instructors.  

Also included was lesson material with Power Point slides with practice questions.  The ARRL put together an excellent package for administering a class.  

The testing was under the ARRL VEC.

   I would like to see this done again within the SHARC auspices.

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